Being Active In Lanzarote: The best outdoor activites to keep you fit while on holiday in Spain

Lanzarote is without a doubt my favourite nearby island getaway. Being within a 4 hour flight from the UK and Ireland for all-year-round sun, it’s a no brainer for me and my family, and of course for running my ‘Mind and Body’ retreats here. 

An average temperature of around 22 degrees outside of summer, makes Lanzarote a suitable place to go for warm weather training camps and holidays to get some winter sun.

You’ll find friendly people, great food, lovely beaches, fascinating landscapes, perfect climate and so much to do.

In this article, I will outline our go to’s, when running our Complete Transformation Retreats, in terms of activities we offer our guests, all of which will take your breath away. I will also endeavour to give you a few tips to help you stay on top of your health and fitness while on holidays.

Puerto Calero to Puerto Del Carmen Cliff walk

This truly is a lovely experience. It is about 6 Kilometres there and back and mostly flat apart from some challenging steps in the middle of the walk. You start off from my favourite place in Lanzarote, Puerto Calero, walk along the cliffs with stunning views of Fuerteventura and when the sun is out, the sea looks so inviting. The walk is very safe and ground under foot is dusty and stony mostly, with a promenade on the back end of the walk as you approach Puerto Del Carmen. 

Equipment Advice: Runners/Walking boots/ Sun Cream/ Water/ Exercise clothing

Volcano Trek  (Volcano El Cuervo)

Everyone gets pretty excited when we mention that we will be walking inside and around a real Volcano. Volcano El Cuervo doesn’t disappoint. It is a short, mostly flat trek of around 90 minutes from the car park. We usually head straight into the middle of it and admire the pretty incredible flower growing and views. We then walk out and walk around the circumference of it which is longer than you think.

Equipment Advice: Runners/Walking boots/ Sun Cream/ Water/ Exercise clothing

Kayaking to Papagayo Beach

This in my opinion is the most beautiful beach on the island and is a must see. We Bring our guests from Playa Blanca (about 40 minutes from the airport down the south of the island) around the head land to Papagayo beach. When you come around the corner of the headland, it really is stunning. Kayaking is for all levels and is a great way to jump out of your comfort zone and get out onto the ocean, breathing in the fresh sea air and soaking up the rays.

Equipment Advice: Wet Shoes/Water/Sun Cream. They provide wetsuits/Life Jackets if needed.

Stand Up paddle boarding in Puerto Del Carmen

This can be “lie on” paddle boarding, “kneeling” paddle boarding or whatever you can manage. We’ve had retreat guests going from not being able to even get onto the board, to standing up, within a year. Pretty cool in my opinion. A great way to get out on the water and potter around while getting a tan at the same time, win win. It is harder than you think, so the main thing to realise is that you should not have too high expectations when trying it for the first time. Technique and practise is everything.

Equipment Advice: Wet shoes/Water/Sun Cream. They provide wetsuits and life jackets if needed.

Sports activity for fitness enthousiasts on holidays

If you are an avid health and fitness enthusiast, Lanzarote provides you with a tonne of options to keep on top of things while you are away. I must admit, when I am on holidays, exercise and fitness takes a back seat. I like to stay active and I’m not a lie on the beach all day kinda guy, but I train all year around, so having a week off every now and then is not only not a bad thing, it’s a good thing.  Some people use holidays as a time to chill and rest, others use it as an activity based experience. I like a mix of both activity and down days. Bearing in mind I exercise every day back at home in Dublin, that’s my idea of a back seat.

In terms of places you can go to exercise, you have La Santa resort on the west coast, you have Sports Club Calero in Puerto Calero for a great place to work out and A lot of cycling and Triathlon clubs for all levels spread around the island if that’s what floats your boat.

All in all, keeping active is all there for you when you visit Lanzarote… if you want it. 

Yours in fitness,

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