Lanzarote Blogger: Trekking to Playa Quemada from Old Town PDC

Hi guys, Mick here from Lanzarote Blogger and I’m back this year with an all new trekking and walking guide for you. Most treks and walks in this series will be brand new but I’ve thrown in some firm favourites. So first off, one of my favourites and one many of you have done at least once while here on holidays in sunny Lanzarote.

Trekking to Playa Quemada

We start this lovely Trek in the Old Town Harbour of Puerto del Carmen. Yup, the same place were they have a bustling market every Friday.

We take the steps up by the El Varadero Restaurant to Calle Los Infantes, which we follow to the end  by the Rincon Apartments.

We then climb the zig zag stairs up onto the coastal promenade at the top. Once here it’s a fairly easy stroll as we follow the path that hugs the coast. We follow the lovely squat villas on our right hand side till we come upon our first obstacle, the Barranco de Quiquere , an oasis set against the barren landscape. Yup the very one with the steep steps which one cannot see from the trail. We cross the water course at the bottom ascend up the far side, and here we can rest for a few minutes to catch a breath!

Zig zag steps to coastal promenade

If this is your first walk, out towards Playa Quemada, allow yourself a few minutes taking in the surrounding landscape. Inland the central massif finishes at the pass to La Geria wine region, while the squat little building on top of the ridge is a parapente launch site. Depending on winds, one might be lucky to see a whole flock of these small birds gliding down to their feeding ground around Puerto Calero.


Arriving in Puerto Calero harbour

Onwards we go following the coastal path as it gently meanders towards Puerto Calero.

Puerto Calero harbour views with mountains in the back

We come to overlook Puerto Calero marina from a junction in the trail. If we take a right hand turn, we end up at the LZ 506 road and the roundabout at Puerto Calero. The bus stop back to Puerto del Carmen is to the right of the roundabout, it is the number 161 bus you need to catch. But we don’t want to do that!

Once in Puerto Calero we can stop to explore the marina or for a cuppa in one of the many cafes.

Market in Puerto Calero Marina

Once finished we need to take the Paseo Maritimo from the marina entrance and continue along the elegant walkway above Puerto Calero. We then come to a small cove and beach situated behind the Hotel Hesperia. We take the stone steps cut into the side of the cliff and once again we are back on the trail.

The last trek to Playa Quemada

Leaving Puerto Calero behind, the track takes us once again up onto the dusty trail. This is heavily crisscrossed with many different trails as it’s used by quad bikes and horses alike, but we stick to the main trail once again hugging the coast. We go through a series of gentle ascents and descents, of small hills and shallow valleys. We then come upon a gentle slope , do we come into view of our destination which is Playa Quemada.

From the track, we swap a dirt trail for tarmac underfoot as we make our way down the first street in Playa Quemada.

Then it’s downhill, and we begin exploring this quaint little fishing village. We can stop at one of the restaurants here for a refreshing drink and some lovely tapas. I would recommend the La Casita or 7Islas restaurants, both are well worth a visit!

As we sit and enjoy our refreshments, we can absorb this charming little village with its small houses and weekender homes. As one friend described Playa Quemada to me recently , she said it was ‘Shirley Valentine’, of Lanzarote, and one has to agree with this statement. It certainly has a romantic charm attached to it.

Fishing boats with Playa Quemada village in the background

Just as the track to Puerto Calero contrasts with the dusty trail to Playa Quemada, so does the village laid back approach contrasts with the neat layout of the more urban Puerto Calero.

That ends our trek to Playa Quemada, as we turn for home , we hope you take some memories back with you.

Thanks for reading , and I’ll see you guys next time!

Mick / Lanzarote Blogger

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