Lanzarote Yoga for Everyone: Beginner to Pro with ‘The Good Mood Yoga’

If I had a Euro for every time somebody told me they can’t touch their toes or aren’t flexible therefore can’t come to yoga – I could give up my day job!

Still, yoga is the perfect way to combine fitness, flexibility, focus and well-being. It is important to remember that movements are done at your own pace and to your own capabilities which makes it the perfect workout for everyone.

During classes we focus both on poses and breathing which will help you warm up and get into a good flow. There’s also an element of meditation, leaving you feeling content and relaxed after the class.

Yoga Classes by Danielle Moody at ‘The Good Mood Yoga’

I’ve been teaching yoga in Lanzarote after completing training in Indonesia for just over a year now and already it has been a project that has flourished into something so much more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!

The focus of The Good Mood Yoga is in the title – a safe place has been created for everyday every one to come together to focus on the GOOD.

Usually when we attain this focus – the good gets even better!

Lanzarote Yoga for all ages and levels

Each week a bunch of all walks of life, tourists and residents, meet in the Old Town of Puerto del Carmen on a big open terrace overlooking the harbour and beyond to the volcanic mountains. To meditate, move, and just be – in the moment entirely! 

In a recent class we had a first timer, Lily, aged 17, flowing next to life timer yogi, Maria, aged 69, who began her practice when she had been 17, just like Lily that day.

Yoga is really for all ages! Here Lily (17) and Maria (69)

Such a magical contrast!

So many of us can feel overwhelmed where to begin with yoga, just one Google search of the word itself can leave the mind boggled!

The style in which The Good Mood Yoga is based on is called Hatha Yoga, a kindly paced posture by posture way of practicing, made suitable, enjoyable and insightful for all levels. Modifications are offered and it is encouraged to line up with the notion to tune into how a pose feels versus how it looks or ‘should’ look.

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

Stay fit & focused with Hatha Yoga

So to the frequently asked question – What is Yoga?

It can be anything you want it to be. It can vary from day to day, and from person to person. We come to our mats for the jewel of self study – to explore and celebrate our wonderful bodies and minds in all of their capabilities, to actively express gratitude for all they can do, what a fabulous design us human’s are, being’s that believe  me, are designed to feel GOOD!

If you’d like to join one of the classes, just one question;

Sunrise or sunset?

Want to join? Contact Danielle Moody via

or Whatsapp her on (+34) 602498914

Classes take place on Monday and Tuesday at 9am and Wednesday at 5pm. Private lessons also available!


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