Yoga, Mindfulness and Fitness in Lanzarote – The magical Isle that helps you reset!

There’s something on this island that grabs you, a magic, an energy that draws people back time and time again. Sports and fitness enthusiasts take from the energy to enhance their own performance or rest and reset their tired bodies and minds. It’s one of the reasons we selected Lanzarote when we were looking to expand our luxury boot camp retreats from our base in Poland.

The all year round climate was the other reason. It’s perfect for our guests from northern Europe to escape for winter sunshine and provides a training ground to challenge both your mind and body. Our approach to fitness is slightly different and works with the energies the island has to offer to bring a ‘new you’ to you.

Yoga in Lanzarote


The energy in these lands draws some of the best yoga masters from across Europe and you can find lessons to suit the level or style of yoga that you prefer.


It could be Hatha yoga, practiced at sunrise, the perfect style for beginners as it combines a series of basic movements with gentle breathing exercises. Perhaps Vinyasa, practiced on the beach, flowing smoothly through each of the moves to the sound of the surf. Or Iyengar, to work on alignment in your practice using props like blocks, straps, and chairs to help you move your body. Whatever your choice, there is a teacher here who can help in every resort on the island or visit you in private classes at your villa.

Our preferred type, Power yoga  is a faster, higher-intensity practice that builds muscle and works well with our daily treks. Although our workouts at sunrise and sunset can include Vinyasa perfectly bookending the flow of the day.

Mindfulness in Lanzarote


In a world where we are bombarded by a myriad of distractions from our phones, social media, colleagues, emails etc it can be hard to find a moment for yourself. Lanzarote can give you that, the island gives you space to be, time to be, and the ability to reconnect with your soul. 

The simple act of walking along the shore line can begin the process of reset. Feel the sand beneath your feet, the refreshing surf bubble around your ankles, the salt in the air sticking to your skin and the warm breeze filling your lungs as you breathe deeply. Maybe you prefer to connect your mindful practice with that of your mediation? The yogi’s here and at our retreat can help you create some distance from the emotional landmines in your life while deepening your practice and feeding your soul on these magical practices.

Relaxing Massages

To aid your mindful journey we recommend you experience some of the skilful massages available across the island or at your accommodation. Bringing relief to tired muscles and your soul, you will find your mind will calm down, and you will experience a feeling of deep relaxation and peace. Of course, massage is not only a pleasant and relaxing treatment it also plays a part in the regeneration, biological renewal and detox of your body. We feel these are such an integral part of the process we include throughout our retreat.

Food & Diet in Lanzarote

Food-Lanzarote- delicious-healthy-wholesome

Food in Lanzarote is delicious, healthy, wholesome! There are a large number of small holding farmers growing the most amazing organic vegetables that are available to buy in the local grocers shop or at farmers markets across the island. 

This wonderful produce along with a fantastic selection of grains and pulses can create dishes bursting with flavour! Of course many people while on holiday eat out all the time and there are a couple of great vegetarian restaurants, such as The V Factor in Arrecife or Bistro Arbol in Puerto Del Carmen or you could treat yourself and have one of the private chefs come and cook for you at your villa as we do for our guests on our retreat. Our kitchen is an inseparable element of our regeneration program.

The aromas and flavours of Lanzarote will stay with you long after you return home.

Workouts in Lanzarote


The volcanoes make a perfect alternative to the gym and our guides push the guests on intense treks through the highest peaks and most challenging landscapes the island has to offer. Giving the guests endeavours far more exciting than the usual gym based workout while exploring places many tourists don’t know exist such as the climb from Famara through the vegetation packed barrancos to the Ermita at Las Nieves and back.

Lanzarote has beautiful trails for any level of walker, and there are many you can make on your own, but we would strongly recommend walking with one of the local companies of guides as they can teach you so much about the area as well as pushing your own limits to increase your fitness!

So, whether you’re searching, life loving, curious, or ready to battle your own barriers, our holistic regime allows you to achieve the results you’re looking for – to lose weight, find balance, peace and complete mental reset.

Visit Sweatlodge Lanzarote to find out more.


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